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Training Types


Smart Boating LI provides multiple types of training - on your vessel or ours - each tailored to meet your needs and individual goals.  Smart Boating LI's licensed and experienced instructors help you develop knowledge, handling skills, and techniques that last a lifetime.

Boating Instruction - On Your Boat

Gain valuable experience learning and practicing skills on your vessel.  All of our lessons are private and customized to your goals and abilities.  Smart Boating LI takes great pride in guiding novice and seasoned boaters to become safer, more competent, knowledgeable, and confident!  Become familiar with your vessel's handling characteristics, along with building your confidence and your piloting abilities.

Boating Instruction - On Our Boat

Smart Boating LI offers a 34’ twin-engine Luhrs 340 and a professional licensed Captain for clients who seek to gain experience on the water. This allows clients currently without a boat or with the intent to move up to a larger vessel the ability to gain necessary experience and knowledge. Our Luhrs 340 is powered by Twin Crusader 454 inboard engines with 350 horsepower. The vessel has a deep v hull and Bridge enclosure. Learn the basics of a twin inboard vessel, maneuvering in close quarters and dockside, and general navigation with or without electronics with a Captain by your side the whole time.

Sailing Instruction

Our basic Hands-On Sailing instructions are designed to give you the groundwork needed to become a confident day sailor. During lessons aboard your vessel, you will learn to rig and de-rig, plan and sail to a destination using all points of sail, and return safely.  Our lessons emphasize Hands-On experience, so you learn to sail while you are underway. New sailors will learn the basics of sailing that will allow you to enjoy your new investment safely on the water. For experienced sailors, you decide what aspect of sailing you want to practice, and our Captain will assist you, helping you build confidence and experience to handle the boat on your own.